Don Asletts Clean and Brite Concentrate-Gallon

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Don Asletts Clean and Brite Concentrate-Gallon Description

A synthetic floor cleaner designed for all types of hard flooring, including hardwoods. Will not harm the shine of an existing finish and helps to brighten dull worn floors with optical brighteners. its effectively neutralizes residue from previous use of harsh cleaners, ice melt and removes hard water film. contains no detergents so it will not leave a sticky residue on your floors. as a mopping solution additive: add 8oz of concentrate per gallon of rinse water rinse floor in usual manner. Waxed or finished floors will be noticeably cleaner and produce more gloss. will effectively remove ice melt residue. after stripping conditioner: dilute 16oz of concentrate per gallon of water and mop the floor. pick up with wet/dry vacuum or a mop. allow to dry and apply finish.

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