Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod Direct Flow Floor Dryer

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Dri-Eaz Dri-Pod Direct Flow Floor Dryer Description

The Dri-Eaz F451 Dri-Pod Direct Flow Carpet Dryer is a compact single-speed fan that draws 1.1 amps on a 115V power supply, and with airflow of 750 CFM for drying applications. It measures 8.9 x 15.2 x 15.2 inches (H x W x D) to fit in cabinets, closets, or bathrooms, and weighs 10.6 lb. for manual transport. This fan has a 360-degree louvered outlet grill that can direct air up to five feet across a floor in all directions for uniform coverage. It is stackable with other Dri-Pod units for efficient use of storage space. Intertek Testing Services, a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) using Edison Testing Laboratory (ETL) safety standards, has certified this product to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard for safety and to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard.Air movers increase airflow to ventilate spaces and to help evaporate water from carpets, drywalls, baseboards, sub-floors, and many types of building materials or structures that need to be ventilated or dried. They typically consist of a motorized fan or blower wheel, and housing. Air movers are commonly used for drying applications in the cleaning, building maintenance, and restoration industries.Dri-Eaz manufactures dehumidifiers, air movers, structural drying systems, and air scrubbers for water damage restoration applications, and for the drying, cleaning, and building maintenance industries. The company, established in 1980, is based in Burlington, WA.

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